STORE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR NEW ORDERS. We have run out of most stock and are experiencing significant delays in manufacturing and receiving stock from overseas due to Covid-19. Thanks to all of our customers for their continued support and we hope to be back on-line soon.

Warranty & Disclaimer

We have taken every reasonable measure to provide you with top quality parts and accessories.

We offer you a 12 month "no fuss" replacement on any faulty parts from the time of purchase.

We take no responsibility for the installation of the KNIGHT AIR system, air hose leakages due to bad install or bad workmanship.

Our Products are designed for Racetrack and Show bikes only. Our parts are not tested for compliance by local or government authority, and we take absolutely no responsibility or reliability for the installation or misuse of the product outside of its intended use.

Riding is fun, but lets keep it safe. Ride Responsibly.