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Looking for V-ROD Turbo Kits? Knight Industries Offers Custom Parts to Sydney, Melbourne, and Beyond.

It was meant to be an easy installation - a few fast drillings, a quick mod attachment. Your beloved bike would soon have LED fender eliminators, streamlining the style and delivering a more dynamic ride. This was the goal. It wasn’t, however, the result... because what now remains is a ruined loom, a busted bracket, and a scratched frame. Your V-Rod seems more pitiable than powerhouse.

Knight Industries wants to undo this damage. This is why we offer bolt-on Harley Davidson fender eliminators, offering our customers simple products and simpler installations. Spare only a few minutes to revamp your ride.

Knight Industries: About Us

Knight Industries is the leading provider of Harley Davidson aftermarket products. Our wide selection of productions - which includes exhaust systems, air valve, compression lines, and V-Rod fender eliminators - connects riders to the premium performance they deserve. We pair quality craftsmanship, exceptional service, and a love of all things chrome.

Searching for Harley fender eliminators? We boast Australia’s best LED options. To learn more send an online enquiry or schedule an appointment in our Melbourne showroom. Our team will help you find the right product for your ride.

Choosing Harley Davidson Fender Eliminators: Our Options

We specialise in Harley motorbikes. It’s no surprise, therefore, that our LED fender eliminators reflect that same speciality. Each of our products - including light strips, mirror brackets, blinker stabilisers, plate lights, and more - complements the Davidson line. They combine signature style with durable materials, making them perfect for every rider.

Choosing Harley Davidson Fender Eliminators: The Bolt-On Value

We believe that LED fender eliminators should enhance the motorbike experience, not detract from it - which is why we offer bolt-on solutions, providing our customers with easy platforms and fast results. No longer struggle with complicated drillings. These kits require mere minutes to install.

They also promise adaptability. V-Rod fender eliminators conform to a variety of chassis designs, including Night Rod Specials (2007-2011), Night Rod Specials (2012-Current), and Softail Breakouts. Embrace Harley’s signature line with every bracket and wire loom.

Beyond Harley Fender Eliminators: Our Other Products

Our dedication to Harley extends beyond V-Rod fender eliminators. We also offer a series of motorbike products, each intended to redefine every mile:

  • Rear Shock Absorbers.
  • Air Pressure Lines and Connections.
  • Seat Trims.
  • Quick Shifters.
  • DynoJet ECUs.
  • Wheel Stickers, and much more!

Customise your ride with help from our extensive inventory - and take advantage of our exemplary shipping service, with orders placed before 2:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) receiving same day dispatches.

Searching for Harley Fender Eliminators? Contact Knight Industries Today.

Don’t suffer through another fender installation. Let our bolt-on alternatives instead provide you with the results you deserve. To learn more give us a call on 61-0402-001-666. Alternatively, you can use our automated form and send an online enquiry.

In 2001 the eyes of the motor-world went wide, not daring to blink as Harley-Davidson rolled out its VRSC (V-Twin Racing Street Custom). This cruiser combined overhead design with liquid-cooled performance, making it the first bike of its kind within the brand's hundred year history. It was an 115 HP beast that promised high performance on the drag strip and highway alike, and its first model - the V-ROD - delivered the street-style speed drivers craved.

Not much has changed in fifteen years. This bike remains an Aussie favourite, and that’s why Knight Industries offers the V-ROD Turbo kit. This product delivers bolt-on ease for every Night Rod, Special, Muscle, and more. To learn more contact us today.

Knight Industries: About Us

Few names prove as iconic (or as popular) as Harley Davidson. This is why Knight Industries - as the premier provider of V-ROD Turbo kits in Sydney and V-ROD Turbo kits in Melbourne - connects our customers to exceptional products, creating a custom line of aftermarket and conversion options for every Harley ride. We keep the miles smooth and the speeds high.

Searching for V-ROD Turbo options? Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom today! We’ll gladly provide you with access to the ultimate bolt-on.

Choosing a V-ROD Turbo Kit in Australia

The best bikes demand the best aftermarket products - which is why Knight Industries recently partnered with Fab Thirteen to create a V-ROD Turbo kit that would deliver the air-boost results riders crave. This option proves perfect for every cruiser, adapting to the entire VRSC line. Its bolt-on design allows for out-of-the-box installations while its production procedures conform to the highest in-house standards.

This ensures that V-Rod Turbo kits in Sydney and V-Rod Turbo kits in Melbourne create the high-performance our customers deserve. Every sensor eliminator and short shot has been engineered for balance, precision, and street-style racing.

Pair a V-Rod Turbo Kit With Our Other Products

Our knowledge (and appreciation) of Harley Davidson extends beyond the V-Rod Turbo. Instead, we provide a full line-up of mods and conversions, offering our customers:

  • Suspension Kits
  • Exhaust Systems
  • LED Fender Eliminators
  • Airbags
  • Seat Trims
  • ... and more.

We turn every VRSC into a powerhouse performer.

Finding V-Rod Turbo Kits in Sydney and Beyond: Our Shipping Policies

Since 2001 the V-Rod has dominated the motor scene, stirring clouds of dust across every highway. This is why we now offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that every rider can have easy access to our mod options.

To learn about our same day dispatches - as well as our post rates and delivery tracking procedures - visit our Shipping page. There discover how easy it is to receive V-Rod Turbo kits in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond.

For further questions or comments contact us today:

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